Saturday, November 20, 2010

All that glitters isn't gold, it's Ginza

Tiffany is located here and so is Gucci, Pucci, and Burberry but the star attraction is not a designer name from Paris or Milan but a light bulb manufacturer from Japan. The bright sparkling lights of the Ginza district in Tokyo amaze locals and tourists alike. If we are drawn into the shops and department stores then the marketing that is Ginza has worked its charm.

Due to the massive crowds drawn to the Ginza on weekends, Tokyo authorities have pedestrianized the city streets surrounding the main drag. Sunset approaches, the sun is ready for another timezone and the power plants feeding Tokyo are just awakening to raise the curtain on another show in the Ginza; a fantastic show of lights beckoning consumers of all walks of life.

The Aztecs had their gold and the Spanish journeyed far to discover it. The Ginza entices all with the power of its lights. Welcome to the glitter that is Ginza!


  1. Wow, that description makes me want to go! Have fun, take pictures.

  2. Sorry, missed your birthday! Happy Birthday! Let's do lunch before we're out for Christmas.