Sunday, February 13, 2011

You know you're in Asia when...

As a Westerner you know you’re in Asia when there is no reflection of your face in a mirror because it is mounted too low for our tall frames.  I took this picture in Viet Nam last November.  I am intrigued and motivated by travel as it allows us to experience all the differences between cultures and countries-- from the height of mirrors hung in bathrooms to the languages spoken, food served, and faces that greet us.

Today we are on our way to Amsterdam to explore the pointed roofs and canals of one of Europe’s most storied and charming cities.  Although I am a Fish, on this adventure I am going to stay out of the canals and, instead, be at street level so I won’t miss any of the action.  Anne Frank's House is one destination I’m really looking forward to.  A tragic story of Anne and her family hiding away to elude capture from the iron grip that Nazism had on Europe back then.  Thankfully, Europe is no longer under siege, and the Netherlands is one of the most progressive and welcoming countries in modern Euroland!

Amsterdam, get ready to welcome the TravelingFish!

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