Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tired but in Tokyo

As our red eye flight from Singapore touched down at Tokyo's Narita airport I could tell why the term "red eye" identified all moonlight flights: my eyes were bloodshot and tired. Our second wind kicked in just when we needed it most as the trek from the gate to the immigration control and customs area was long-- maybe it just felt long because we were so groggy.

A well oiled machine of sterile efficiency is how I would describe my first impression of Tokyo. The train from the airport to the Shinjuku section of Tokyo took over an hour as Narita airport is situated quite far from Tokyo proper.

A long walk from the Shinjuku station to our hotel greeted us. It was needed though since it helped wake us up! We became enveloped in the regular hustle and bustle of Tokyo on a Friday morning. Our fellow commuters looked as if they had earned the weekend that was almost upon them; we just needed our hotel bed!

Hello and TGIF Tokyo!


  1. Happy Birthday Mike! I am enjoying your journey. Hope you have a wonderful, food and joy filled B-day!

    Love you!

  2. Happy Birthday! Have fun in Tokyo, watch out for the Ninja drag queens!