Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coffee and jet fuel

I was contemplating posting a photo of the bagel display at the airport Starbucks but I went with the traditional shot of the airplane on the tarmac.  Sometimes it seems there are more Starbucks than airplanes!  

Well, I'm starting my journey to Viet Nam quite early.  First it's Phoenix to LAX, then to Singapore via Tokyo and then I'll groggily board my final plane to Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon).  I leave on a Tuesday morning and arrive into Saigon on Thursday at lunchtime. At that point I'll gladly trade in coffee and jet fuel for a big steaming bowl of Pho. 

We are attending our nephew's wedding over the weekend.  It'll be nice to see friends and family.  We then pack up and head on to Japan via Singapore. We've always wanted to visit Japan.  The bright lights of Tokyo and cool, cultural Kyoto await.  

Hope you can all come along...Stay tuned.

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