Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amsterdam's accordian-like homes and artsy flare

Battling that old familiar companion jetlag, we leave our coffee house and head into the Jordaan neighborhood to get our bearings on our first day in this beautiful city.  Amsterdam opens up to us as around the corner we discover the canals and idyllic attached homes, fanning out before us like the bellows of an accordion.  This evening they were playing a quiet song so as not to disturb the residents of the myriad houseboats permanently docked in the canals all around.  I think the Amsterdammers have long ago figured out how to live peacefully together since their homes are so closely packed.

A peek inside a home-gallery reveals the artsy side of Amsterdam
We discovered a quaint home-gallery that displayed an interesting painting in the front lobby; a peek inside revealed the artsy side of this historic European city.  The goal for this first day was to gain our bearings and see if we could find the Anne Frank House.  We found it, sidewalk under renovation and all.  I had recently read that the original oak tree Anne had gazed upon from her hidden room had recently died following a storm.  I could see what was left of its root stump directly in front of the house.  It must have been a recent  storm for a small digging tractor was parked and it looked like the remains of the stump was being dug up.

Tomorrow... off to the Van Gogh Museum!  Good night Amsterdam.

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  1. Sounds like fun, I felt Amsterdam is like no other European city, very different, wonderful feel. Have fun boys!