Sunday, December 29, 2013

Singa pouring

Like so many generations of sailors and traitors before us we pass through Singapore, using this humid, hospitable city as a stopover on our journey to somewhere else.  The late afternoon rain opened up on us like a curtain to a great show.  A steady patter of raindrops splashed onto our hotel window.  Now I'm not sure whether it will be worth it to risk a trip to the top of the Marina Bay Sands.

At fifty seven stories tall, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and towers offers the best views over Singapore.  Its observation deck, which stretches over the top of three towers, resembles a huge canoe floating above the city.  Even if you don't purchase an observation ticket you can still ride the elevator to the top where you'll be swiftly ushered to a swank outdoor bar.  Tourists all around vying for the best spot to snap their photos of the humid skyline.  You'll be reminded (by the drink prices) that the glass of wine you're enjoying is your observation ticket. 

Singapore has played its role once more.  It's welcomed another set of travelers and provided respite for their onward journey.  Tomorrow another flight awaits; another curtain will open and a new southeast Asian adventure will begin. Off to Penang Malaysia to meet up with family.

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