Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Provence Prework

The DVD arrived from Netflix in time to begin our prework for our Provence adventure. A Year in Provence mini series from 1993, based on Peter Mayles's 1989 best seller is always a treat to watch. Although we had seen it many years ago this particular time the video appeared dated. The landscape and culture of southern France is timeless and even though the DVD's image didn't fill our HDTV screen, the unfolding story of four seasons in Provence is fun to watch. Peter Mayle and his wife Jennie, expats from England, learn to live like locals in their new Provençal chateau; navigating the foibles of foreigners in a Francophile world.

Our itinerary is much too short to deliver an experience worthy of a book and movie but what we will do in our ten days in Provence and the Cote d'Azur will hopefully provide an adventurous read.

Speaking of timeless Provence....

Roman Gaul on Celtic Foundations
The Roman influence in southern France has molded a culture and landscape that today can still be experienced by the casual visitor. Outside of the town of St. Remy en Provence are the Roman-era ruins of Glanum. An original Celtic settlement rediscovered after seventeen centuries emerges out of the Provençal soil, Doric columns and all. Highly recommended if you can pull yourself away from the lavender shops, cathedrals, and vino!

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